How Millennials Are Solving The Workplace Diversity Problem

  • 2018-10-11
  • OZY

Chances are you’ve heard the phrase “diversity in the workplace.” In recent years, this phrase, and what it entails, has become increasingly important. And millennials — generally considered anyone born between 1981 and 1996 — are a big reason for it.

The 2018 Deloitte Millennial Survey suggests that this generation, which is expected to make up 75 percent of the workforce by 2025, takes a far more nuanced view of diversity. To them, it’s less about gaining equal opportunity and more about holding to the conviction that working and collaborating with people from varied backgrounds will make a company smarter, richer, more creative and more successful.

By seeking out employers that are actively welcoming and promoting an inclusive workplace, millennials are saying that it’s no longer enough for a company to pay lip service to diversity.