How Climate Change Will Transform Business and the Workforce

  • 2017-07-14
  • BBC

When we think of climate change, most of us think of environmental consequences like rising sea levels, elevated temperatures and melting glaciers.

In some parts of the world, like south Florida or the mountains of Switzerland, those shifts already are affecting daily life. In Miami, for example, wastewater treatment plants are being re-built higher, seawalls raised and car parks designed with flood gates – not only in response to flooding today, but with an eye to the sea levels of tomorrow.

But experts say that those effects may only be the tip of the (melting) iceberg. Climate change is shaking up everything from finance to health. As a result, it isn’t only urban planners in at-risk areas who will have to shift their framework for planning for the future. From financial planners to farmers, civil engineers to doctors, an increasingly wide range of other professionals are likely to find their industries affected.

That means there may be another consequence of climate change that often gets overlooked: what it means for your career.