Ross Brinkert

The Organization Studies Research Network mourns the loss of Ross Brinkert, who passed away on August 20, 2020 from brain cancer.

A native of Canada, Brinkert earned his bachelor’s degree in communication studies from Concordia University in Montreal and a master’s degree in applied communication and a doctorate in communication sciences, both from Temple University. His scholarly writing was centered on increasing engagement by organizational leaders and, in turn, increasing engagement among those they serve.

Brinkert wrote about how organizations and individuals can transform conflicts from threats into opportunities, how organizations can benefit from gratitude communication, and how professionals at various career stages can best represent themselves. His scholarly work was strengthened by considerable applied experience in supporting organizations, leaders, and emerging leaders in more effectively presenting to, influencing, and relating to others.

In the words of his friend and colleague Salar Ghahramani, associate professor of business law and international law and policy, Brinkert “was the archetype of grace, integrity, courage, kindness, humility and humanity.

Ross served as Research Network Chair from 2017 — his unique commitment to scholarship and service, while cultivating positive, caring relationships will be forever remembered.